Sunday 12 April 2015

Same view different medium

Here is a view of the mill and weir at Castletown, that I have painted in oil and acrylic several times previously. This is a watercolour sketch of the same view. I love to have a big saturated blue sky scape in my pictures, so I have not broken with that tradition here, although the photograph is a little more washed out than the painting actually is.

Mill & weir at Castletown- Watercolour on DR Aquafine paper 20 x 16 inches

Wednesday 1 April 2015

A football legend - GO ON MY SON!

This is a large quick study in Acrylic of Yaya Toure, Manchester City and Ivory Coast midfielder and also, most importantly, the football hero of my son.

Yaya Toure, Ivory Coast - Acrylic on canvas 32 x 40 inches