Thursday 30 August 2018

Recent sketches

Here are a couple of recent oil sketches.
The couple in the first painting seem to me, to be waiting to be parted once more for the working week. (Made near Cahir Castle)

Where has the weekend gone? - oil on canvas panel - (14" X 18")

During the recent glorious weather we visited Ballymaloe House. I was struck by the fantastic light through a picture window. I just had to paint it.

Picture window at Ballymaloe House - oil on canvas panel - (12" X 16")

Friday 3 August 2018

Commissioned family portrait

This is a recent commissioned portrait of the Delaney family. It was hard to take a decent photograph of the painting (because of glare) so I have included closeups of the faces.

The Delaney family - Oil on poplar wood panel - (60cm X 80cm)