Saturday, 3 October 2015

A perfect Commission

This stylized painting is a commissioned piece for Rahanni Healer Liz Phelan. A while ago Liz asked me would I be interested in taking on a commission which she would be giving as a gift to her fellow Healer Mags Harrison. Liz warned that the piece could be radically different in style from my  usual work.

Intrigued, I accepted the brief and we began to discuss concepts for the painting. I painted a watercolour sketch for Liz with my interpretation of our initial discussions. As the actual painting began to progress we consulted as to which elements needed to be added or modified to reflect the spirit of Mags.

As to the mechanics of the painting, my usual colour palette went flying out of the window on this piece. When would I normally use a hot orange pigment or even fluorescent or metallic paints? Still I learned a lot working on this piece, most importantly, listen to your client. All in all this is the perfect example of how a commission should work. I hope both Liz and Mags are pleased with the end result and my thanks to them both.

Angel - Acrylic on canvas - 50cm X 70cm 

Unfinished portrait detail

If you have an idea that you might be interested in commissioning to a finished painting please email me at the address above to discuss. I promise I don't bite!

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