Thursday, 3 March 2016

Near Moyanna - plein air watercolour sketch

This is a watercolour sketch painted in about an hour yesterday afternoon during the kids swimming lesson. I tested a small Sennelier watercolour half pan sketch box this time on Canson Vidalon paper. Having Buddy intently grazing the paddock added some life to the overall scene. The Sennelier colours are not as vibrant as the St. Petersburg White Nights (see previous blog entry) but they handle really well and are very transparent. By building up multiple layers you can get good depth of colour.

Near Moyanna - watercolour - 8 X 12 inches

Here is a little bonus, a quick ink sketch of the same location from an previous visit.

Buddy grazing - Ink on cartridge paper - A4 size

A sketch of Buddy on Vidalon watercolour paper.

Buddy - watercolour - 9 x 12 inches

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